BSR Interview
With Andy Hummel

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Big Star Reference had the opportunity to interview Big Star bassist Andy Hummel in May of 2002.

BSR: Do you remember what bass guitar(s) and amps you used on #1 Record and Radio City?

ANDY: I had a blonde-neck Fender Precision Bass. I also occasionally used the studio's house bass which was a Hofner. I owned a Kustom bass amp but never used it in the studio. We nearly always recorded the bass direct through the console.

BSR: What was your inspiration in writing "The India Song"?

ANDY: I was really into Joni Mitchell's "Blue" at the time and kind of trying to imitate her. Also I was upset about a girlfriend who had dumped me and feeling very depressed and escapist.

BSR: In "Way Out West" the lyrics change from a 3rd person perspective (verses) to a 1st person perspective (chorus). Was this intentional? As I recall, Jody sings the track. What led to that decision?

ANDY: I never thought about person before. I guess it just came out that way; sort of describing the situation then appealing directly to Linda to come home. I didn't sing very well I'm afraid, although I probably could have done a bit if I hadn't been so self conscious and had tried a little harder. Anyway, Jody had never sung one and was interested, so why not?

BSR: Do you have or know of any live recordings of Big Star with yourself on bass?

ANDY: Not live, no. I have oodles of interesting studio out-takes however, some of which are essentially live, in the sense that we played in the studio set up as a band and did not overdub to speak of.

BSR: You suggested in an interview with Jason Gross (July 2001) that you had a very troubled relationship with Jim Dickinson. Could you expand on the origins of this relationship and what transpired regarding it?

ANDY: I hardly know the guy actually. I made that remark about him in the Perfect Sound interview because he had previously said something rather ugly about me in print, which I found particularly offensive since I don't really know him and cannot recall ever having played with him.

BSR: Have you talked with Jody over the past year regarding any possible reunion show/recording?

ANDY: I don't believe so. I can't recall speaking with Jody since my mother's funeral in June 2000.