Big Star
Live - Lyrics
Alex Chilton - Vocals/Guitars
Jody Stephens - Drums/Vocals
John Lightman - Bass

Recorded: 1974 (Ultrasonic Studios, New York)
Original Release: 1992 (Rykodisc)
CD Release: 02/18/1992 (Rykodisc)
Produced by Big Star
Tracks 1-7   Tracks 8-14


September gurls do so much
I was your butch and you were touched
I loved you, well, never mind
I've been crying all the time

December boys got it bad

September gurls, I don't know why
How can I deny what's inside
Even though I'll keep away
Maybe we'll love all our days

When I get to bed, late at night
That's the time she makes things right
Ooh when she makes love to me


She's a schemer and she makes me mad
But I love her alot, those lonely nights
I was in a big room, playing my things
Oh, I wish she were here, she can be so kind
When she's not trying to hide
Tries not to love me but she knows she can't

And why don't you come on back
From way out west
Love me, we can work out the rest

She thinks she's a mystery to all
But I know what's behind those eyes
Sometimes I think she'll make me forget
What I need most to remember
And then I'll slip on back
Even if they say it's better


I can't be satisfied
What you want me to do
So I moan, had to leave my home

Love my girl ooh yeh
She got to save my soul
I want a witness, I want to testify

How long can this go on

All night long I was howling
I was a barking dog


Don't lie to me, don't lie to me
Don't lie to me, don't lie to me

I know where you been
And I know what you've been doing
Don't lie to me

Don't push me 'round, don't push me 'round
Don't push me 'round, don't push me 'round

Told my dad
And now I'm telling you
Don't push me 'round

Don't cross me babe, don't cross me babe
Don't cross me babe, don't cross me babe

Said you wouldn't
Tell the truth now
Don't cross me babe


O my soul mama
I lose control
Go ahead and sing if you wanna
And I'll never know
Well come on
You know it's all right
We've got all night

You're driving me mad
You shouldn't do that
Gottta get enough
Drink till we drop

You're really a nice girl
And I think you're the most
And when we're together
I feel like a boss

Trying to see you
I knock off your doors
Dying to see you
I'm down on the floor

I can't get a license
To drive my car
But, I don't really need it
If I'm a big star

Never you mind
Go on and have a good time


Years ago, my heart was set to live, oh
And I've been trying hard against unbelievable odds
It gets so hard in times like now to hold on
But guns they wait to be stuck by, and at my side is God

And there ain't no one goin' to turn me 'round
Ain't no one goin' to turn me 'round

There's people around who tell you that they know
And places where to send you, and it's easy to go
They'll zip you up and dress you down and stand you in a row
But you know you don't have to, you can just say "no"

I've been built up and trusted, broke down and busted
But they'll get theirs and we'll get ours if we can
Just-a hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on

Years ago my heart was set to live, oh
And I've been trying hard against strong odds
It gets so hard in times like now to hold on
Well, I'll fall if I don't fight, and at my side is God


Won't you let me walk you home from school
Won't you let me meet you at the pool
Maybe Friday I can
Get tickets for the dance
And I'll take you

Won't you tell your dad, "Get off my back"
Tell him what we said 'bout 'Paint It Black'
Rock 'n Roll is here to stay
Come inside, well, it's okay
And I'll shake you

Won't you tell me what you're thinking of
Would you be an outlaw for my love
If it's so, well, let me know
If it's "no", well, I can go
I won't make you


I'm in love with a girl
Finest girl in the world
I didn't know I could feel this way

Think about her all the time
Always on my mind
I didn't know about love

All that a man should do is true

I'm in love with a girl
Finest girl in the world
I didn't know this could happen to me

(L. Wainwright)

In this town, television shuts off at two
What can a lonely rock 'n' roller do
Bed so big, the sheets are clean
You're girlfriend said you were nineteen

The styrofoam ice bucket's full of ice
Come up to my motel room and treat me nice

I don't wanna make no late night New York calls
I don't wanna stare at those ugly grass mat walls
Chronologically, I know you're young
But, when you kissed me in the club, you bit my tongue

I'll write a song for you and put it on my next LP
Come up to my motel room and sleep with me

There's a bible in the drawer, don't be afraid
I'll put up a sign to warn the cleanup maid
There's lots of soap and lots of towels
Never mind those desk clerk scowls

I'll buy you breakfast, they'll think you're my wife
Come up to my motel room and save my life


Hanging out, down the street
The same old thing we did last week
Not a thing to do, but talk to you

Steal your car, and bring it down
Pick me up, we'll drive around
Wish we had a joint so bad

Bust a street light
Out past midnight


Try to understand what I'm going through
Don't blame me for what folks will do
For some of us it's not a good time
But, you're going to get choosed to
And you'd better resign yourself

You get what you deserve
You ought to find out what it's worth
And you've gotta have a lotta nerve.

You just do what pleases you
Go on and sigh out every move
You gonna get placed in a scene
All God's orphans get a face in the dream now

Too bad such a drag
so much pain down the drain
and a lot of us ain't got many friends


I'm drivin' alone, sad about you
Not goin' home, what's to do
You better not leave me here
Better not leave me here
Ooh, I want you here
How can you leave me here
I lie in the stream, I'm floating fine
Receiving things in my mind
Sometime don't , sometime, sometime, so sublime
Lover, yes I am, lover, you know I am

Now we're in a bar, it's gotta be where they are
Gonna dance in the bar, gonna fight on the floor
Faster than I can see

Now we gonna score, break for the door
who is this whore
Soon be beggin drags

And I'm thinking, Christ
Nullify my life, nullify my life
Oh yeah

You're gonna die, yes, you're gonna die
Right now
You're gonna die, you're gonna decease


Sitting in the back of a car
Music so loud, can't tell a thing
Thinkin' 'bout what to say
And I can't find the lines

You know I love you alot
I just don't know, should I or not
Waiting for a brighter day
And I can't find the way

I'll go on and on with you
Like to fall and lie with you
I'd love you too

Baby, I'm too afraid
I just don't know if it's ok
Trying to get away
From everything

Why don't you take me home
It's gone too far inside this car
I know I'll feel a whole lot more
When I get alone


She don't believe anything
She can dance oh now all night
So wild, she's a mover
She's so wild

Draggin, fast we go
Ooh I dig speed so good
Destroy ya in the cruiser
She'd destroy ya

She look like a dove now
And when she smile like crocodile

She tells the man to go to hell
And where that's at is where I'm coming from
So wild
Ooh she's a mover

She like devil you know
She finds herself in Catholic school
So wild
Ooh she's a mover