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6/28/2011 Change Webmaster email address changed from to

6/14/2011 Moved Entire site moved to

8/2010 Update Full site update and facelift.

10/4/2003 Added Big Star Links - Alex Chilton Links. Added links to that searches Big Star and Alex Chilton tour dates.

5/30/2002 Added News/BSR Interview w/Andy Hummel 5/30/02. Big Star Reference had the opportunity to interview Big Star bassist Andy Hummel.

10/17/2001 Added News/BSR Interview w/Jody Stephens 10/2/01. Big Star Reference had the opportunity to interview Big Star drummer Jody Stephens, after the band had finished their European shows this summer.

6/19/2001 Added Downloads/Screensaver

6/17/2001 Added Discussion Boards/Chat Room. A "real time" chat room. Just choose a name and start talking. You may have to wait a while at first for someone to happen by. A more feature packed chat room will be installed if usage warrants.

6/12/2001 Expanded News/Tour Dates & Events. Now in a searchable calendar format.Use the "Submit an Event" link to add an event to the calendar.

6/11/2001 Added Biography. An "interview" taken from a collection of excerpts from many interviews found on the net. Together they provide a unique introduction to who and what Big Star is... in their own words.

6/6/2001 Expanded Quotes. The static quote that has been at the bottom of the main page has been replaced with multiple dynamic quotes at the top of the page. If you make use of the "My Big Star" links (which share the same space), the quotes will display at the bottom of the main page.

5/30/2001 Added Discussion Boards/Multimedia. The highest quality Big Star, Chilton & Bell pictures we could find have been posted in the Discussion Boards. However, you must become a member to view them. New multimedia files will be added from time to time.

5/12/2001 Updated News/Tour Dates. A form has been provided on this page for you to inform us of Big Star related tour dates we should post.

5/12/2001 Added Discussion Boards/Album Rate & Review. Add your opinion on a scale of 1-10 on many Big Star related albums and/or write your own review.

5/7/2001 Revamped Discussion Boards. Now you can become a member with a profile (you can still post without registering). Send private messages to other members. Post your picture. Get notified by email of responses to your posts. Search the message archive. Heck, there are too many features to list here, so check it out. P.S. - Register and grab your username early, someone else may get it before you!

5/4/2001 Added Downloads/BSR Link Graphic

5/2/2001 Added News/Tour Dates. Will be updated as information comes in.

4/30/2001 Added Downloads/Windows Background

4/29/2001 Added Hang Man Game

4/26/2001 Added Downloads/Windows Icons.

4/23/2001 Added "My Big Star" page. Allows you to add your own links to the main page. Click on the "My Big Star" circle located at the top right of the main page and start linking. Read more information on this in the About section.

4/22/2001 Added Memory Game

4/22/2001 Added Puzzle Game

4/22/2001 Added Search Engine. Read more information on this in the About section.